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Protecting your family and your home is a top priority, and we’re here to help at AHC Alarms. When you partner with us, you can get optimized solutions from an ADT authorized dealer to help you safeguard your loved ones and your property. With security control panels, you can easily manage security technology at your home and have peace of mind about your property, wherever you are. Consider our solutions to help you create a safety strategy that works for your family’s needs and provides assistance whenever you require it.

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Home Security Touchscreen Panels We Offer 

We offer optimized touchscreen panels for your home security. With the latest technology and user-friendly controls, we empower you to take charge of your property’s safety with the right tools. Our solutions deliver robust features to keep your home secure, such as:

  • Reminder tones: When you enter your home, the system delivers reminder tones to disarm your system. When you exit, the system reminds you that the alarm is set.
  • Professional monitoring: We provide 24/7 monitoring to respond whenever an alarm sounds and you need assistance.
  • System additions: You can add devices to your system at any time when you need to expand its capabilities.
  • Separate panic buttons: If you need to call for medical help, a fire emergency or police assistance, we offer specific panic buttons to get the proper support at any time of day or night.

Advantages of the Security Control Panel in Homes & Businesses

Using touchscreen control allows you to manage your systems while maintaining optimized security more efficiently. With touchscreen security control, you have several advantages to help protect your home and family:

  • User-friendly design: The control panel uses easy-to-read, icon-based buttons that make managing your system fast and easy.
  • All-in-one solution: With a single touchscreen, you can manage all your safety systems in one place.
  • Trusted security: Our touchscreen system uses optimized technology for two-way encryption that delivers enhanced security for your device connections.

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Installation Services in Palm Desert, CA and Beyond

Our experienced and licensed technicians are available to provide complete installation services for your security system. We recognize the value of a flexible, reliable security system for your operations, and we’re here to make setting up your wireless touchscreen keypads as seamless as possible. Our technicians will take the guesswork out of installation and ensure everything is ready for you. After installation, your technician will test it to make certain the system is fully operational, so you can begin using it immediately for your home security.

Partner With AHC Alarms for Increased Peace of Mind

AHC Alarms is an authorized ADT dealer that focuses on providing exceptional customer service and a small business feel. Our goal is to offer customized solutions for each customer, helping you choose the best products to fit your requirements. With complete installation services and personalized assistance, we strive to provide an optimal experience and trusted security products as you work with us. Choose us for personalized support and peace of mind that your security is in good hands.

If you’d like to find out more about our security solutions, we’re here to help. To get more information on our services, get in touch with us today or book an appointment.


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