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Deadbolt locks give a sense of security for homeowners and business owners, but traditional keys are hard to manage and remember to carry with you. Plus, lost, damaged or stolen keys mean you’re either vulnerable or inconvenienced.

AHC Alarms provides and installs smart door locks for residential and commercial properties in Palm Desert, Palm Springs, Rancho Mirage and La Quinta. Locks with innovative technology rely on wireless signals or combination access codes to help you prevent being locked out again.

Our smart door locks are simple to operate using a built-in keypad or mobile app. These electronic door locks are a sleek and sophisticated way to unlock your doors for yourself, family members, employees, hired help or anyone you want on your property. When connected to Wi-Fi, you can even manage your smart lock remotely.

We excel at scalable security solutions, whether you’d like protection for your home’s front door or an additional level of reliability for your commercial property’s access control system. Let a smart door lock from AHC Alarms give you more control and peace of mind over who has access to your home or business.

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Basics of Smart Door Locks

Smart door locks are Wi-Fi- or Bluetooth-enabled devices that allow users to lock and unlock their doors using a keypad, phone or simple voice command. These smart home security devices are designed to give users greater control over what happens to their homes or businesses by providing advanced security features.

Individuals who invest in professional smart lock installations can take advantage of the following functions:

  • Sturdy construction: While traditional locks are easy to pick, smart door locks are more robust, preventing intruders from accessing your deadbolt. 
  • Remote monitoring: You can keep tabs on your home when you’re away with real-time monitoring and smartphone alerts.
  • Keyless entry: Smart locks don’t require the use of a key, enabling you to take advantage of features like proximity unlocking, custom codes, voice commands, remote unlocking and fingerprint recognition.
  • Custom settings: You can set your smart door lock to lock automatically if it’s been unlocked for a specified period of time.
  • Easy integration: Smart door locks can easily integrate with your existing smart home devices and security systems, adding an extra layer of protection.

Situations That Smart Door Locks Can Help Prevent

When you purchase smart locks for your Palm Desert property, you greatly reduce the chances of these situations occurring:

  • Break-ins: Security systems like smart door locks can deter intruders from trying to break into your home or business, preventing stolen items and property damage.
  • Lock-outs: If you ever misplace your key and get locked out of your house, you can easily unlock your doors with your mobile device, a key code or various recognition features.
  • Lock picking: Because smart locks do not function like traditional locks, they prevent intruders from lingering at your door and trying to pick their way in. 
  • Forgetfulness: Forgetting to lock your doors before you leave the house is no cause for concern with smart door locks, as they allow you to activate your locks remotely with the push of a button.

Benefits of Our Smart Locks for Home and Businesses

Smart door locks can exchange information with your mobile device and allow you to control your deadbolt through an app. You can use your smartphone to check your door’s lock status, receive instant notifications when changes occur and enjoy keyless entry. Smart locks also work well with closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras so you can see who’s at the door and unlock it without needing to be there.

Our smart door locks come with these additional features for enhanced security and convenience at your home or business:

  • Programmable locking: Create and disable custom user access codes for different people.
  • Auto-locking capabilities: Never forget to lock up again with a lock that does it automatically.
  • Effortless rekeying: You can set up a new access code without needing to remove and change the lock.
  • Illuminated buttons: Unlock your door at night with ease using the back-lit keypad.

Our Smart Door Lock Installation Services

When you contact us about installing smart locks for your home or business, you’ll have comprehensive guidance from the start. During our initial consultation, we’ll listen to your security goals, explain all your options and make tailored recommendations for your needs, budget and lifestyle.

Getting your smart door lock professionally installed ensures your investment works to your expectations from the start. Our qualified security installation experts will program your product, integrate it with your system and teach you how to use it, leaving no question you have unanswered.

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If you’re looking to book smart lock installations, AHC Alarms is your go-to solutions provider. We serve customers in all the following California cities:

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