Motion Detectors

Motion detectors are the cornerstone of any comprehensive residential or commercial security system. These devices can sense the presence of an intruder and deliver an immediate alert to the system’s control panel. The alert enables a central monitoring station to follow up and notify the authorities if necessary. Motion detectors can also automatically activate the property’s exterior lighting.

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Basics of Motion Detector Systems

Motion detectors are security devices installed within homes and businesses to detect abnormal movement. When the sensors pick up motion, they immediately send an alert to the individual’s security system or straight to their mobile phone.

There are two primary types of home motion detectors:

  • Active sensors: These sensors emit radio waves that bounce off walls and objects in the area. When movement interrupts these waves, the device sounds an alarm.
  • Passive sensors: Passive sensors monitor infrared heat levels and set off alarms when they sense an ambient temperature change caused by energy from the human body.

Issues Motion Detectors Can Prevent and Solve

When you install motion detectors in your home or business, you can prevent and resolve all of the following issues:

  • Trespassing: Because home motion detectors alert homeowners of unauthorized entry onto your property, they can prevent intruders from getting into your home. 
  • Restricted area infiltration: If you own a commercial building with restricted areas, you can use motion detectors to monitor individuals entering these sections.
  • Poor lighting: It can be challenging to navigate entryways without the proper lighting. Motion sensors detect when people or vehicles enter an area and automatically activate the lights.
  • Burglary: When you install security lights into your yard, they’ll turn on and trigger an alarm when they detect movement. These motion detectors are ideal for preventing burglaries.

All the Benefits of Motion Detectors for Homes & Businesses

Motion detectors provide a host of security and safety benefits. The advantages these devices will bring to your home include:

  • Uninvited visitor deterrence: Motion detectors function in tandem with exterior lighting to serve as an excellent intruder or trespasser deterrent. When people get too close to your property, the sudden activation of floodlights is often enough to stop them in their tracks — before they enter your home or business establishment.
  • Fast response: Motion detectors trigger an immediate alert to the central monitoring station, allowing the service’s highly trained personnel to react quickly. They can dispatch the authorities promptly to investigate the situation.
  • Protection from animals: If you live in one of our service areas, your home could become the target of coyotes or other wild animals. Motion-activated lights can frighten these predators away and keep your family and pets out of harm’s way.
  • Enhanced nighttime safety: Motion detector-activated exterior lighting can create a safer environment when arriving home after dark. You don’t have to worry about a lurking intruder or tripping and falling over unseen objects.
  • Around-the-clock protection: Motion detectors help protect you and your property 24 hours a day, even when no one is there. It’s like having an automated security guard continually monitoring your property.

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We Offer Motion Detector Installation Services in Palm Desert, California

If you have a home or business, the experts at AHC Alarms can install motion detectors as part of a comprehensive security solution. As an ADT Authorized Dealer, you can trust us to install these industry-best products quickly and efficiently. We’ll handle the wiring and connecting of every component in your integrated system. We’ll also answer all of your questions regarding the effective operation of your system.

Once we’ve completed your installation, we’ll be there to ensure your motion detectors and other security system components continue to meet your needs. We’ll provide timely preventive maintenance so that your equipment remains in peak operating condition. We respond promptly to take care of any and all repairs.

Areas We Serve for Professional Motion Detector Installations

If you’re looking for a trusted source to install home motion detectors in Palm Desert, the experts at AHC Alarms are your solution. Our team gives individuals the protection and peace of mind they deserve by installing high-quality sensor systems into their homes and businesses.

We serve customers in the following cities:

  • Palm Desert
  • La Quinta
  • Rancho Mirage
  • Palm Springs

Why Choose AHC Alarms?

When you partner with AHC Alarms, you get high-quality equipment from ADT, one of the most trusted brands in the home and business security industry. You’ll also receive friendly, personalized support from a customer service team that truly cares about your family’s safety. Our goal is to give you peace of mind knowing you’re doing everything possible to protect your property.

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