Combo CO/Smoke Detectors

Are you concerned about the dangers of smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) in your home or business? AHC Alarms can install a combination CO/smoke detection unit in targeted areas on your property that will give you peace of mind. As an Authorized ADT Dealer, you’ll get the benefit of 24/7 monitoring from one reliable product you can trust to keep your family or employees safe.

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Solutions a CO/Smoke Detector System Offers

When you install a CO detector system on your property, it can protect you in several situations. These systems offer a security solution you can rely on for your day-to-day safety on the job or at home.

Carbon monoxide is highly hazardous in confined spaces and can deprive your body of critical oxygen. Since symptoms start relatively mildly, it may be hard to detect the presence of this odorless poison at first. Ways to help prevent carbon monoxide buildup include:

  • Maintaining proper ventilation: Run gas-powered tools in well-ventilated, open spaces where carbon monoxide cannot become highly concentrated.
  • Running your car outside: Rather than warming up your vehicle in a closed garage, ensure you always move it out first to prevent carbon monoxide buildup.
  • Using gas stoves properly: Only use your gas range for cooking and do not attempt to heat your home with it, as it can fill the building with dangerous gases.

Potential causes of carbon monoxide poisoning are preventable with the proper safety measures. With a combo CO/smoke detector, you can identify carbon monoxide buildup or smoke in your home early on, likely before you experience any symptoms. As a result, you’ll be able to act quickly and proactively to get yourself and anyone else in the building to safety.

Benefits of CO/Smoke Detectors in Your Home or Business

With a reliable CO/smoke detector on your property, you can have peace of mind knowing you will be alerted quickly and can respond to potential safety threats. A combination carbon monoxide and smoke detector from AHC Alarms can provide numerous benefits, including:

  • Convenience: CO/smoke detectors enable you to perform two separate security functions with one device. This dual ability is an invaluable benefit if you have a large home or business facility that needs multiple products to attain maximum coverage and protection. You won’t need to find as many locations to place your detectors, and you’ll spend less time testing and changing batteries.
  • Cost-savings: When you install combo detectors, you can purchase fewer devices due to their multifunctional capabilities. These savings can be significant for owners of larger residential or commercial properties.
  • Rapid response: AHC Alarms can install ADT CO/smoke detectors as part of an integrated security solution that includes central monitoring. When a fire or CO leak triggers an alarm, the monitoring station will receive an immediate alert and contact first responders promptly if necessary.
  • State-of-the-art technology: ADT combo CO/smoke detectors are compatible with advanced home automation technologies that enhance safety. You can receive instant alerts on your mobile device whenever an alarm goes off. Your HVAC system will also shut off automatically to slow the circulation of gases, and the doors will unlock themselves to allow faster access for first responders.

Home Secured By ADT Smoke Detector System

Combo CO/Smoke Detector Installation Services in Palm Desert

As an ADT Authorized Dealer, you can trust AHC Alarms to perform a fast, professional CO/smoke detector installation. Our well-trained team has extensive experience installing these devices in homes, offices, industrial facilities, stores and commercial buildings. We can also integrate the devices with other system components to provide a comprehensive security solution for your residence or business. We’ll take the time to answer your questions and offer helpful operating tips.

Our installation dates are flexible — we can accommodate your busy schedule. Our professional technicians can travel on-site to set up the system for you.

We currently service the following areas:

  • La Quinta
  • Rancho Mirage
  • Palm Desert
  • Palm Springs

Our service doesn’t end with your CO/smoke detector installation. We’re also available to perform timely preventive maintenance and troubleshooting steps to keep your devices in peak working condition. If you ever need immediate repair work, we’re always just a quick phone call away.

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